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Provide INSTANT QUOTES for your service business.

No Coding Necessary!

Turn your service into an instant quoting shopping cart

Automate your sales process instantly.


24/7 Automated Sales

Start selling 24/7/365 when you turn your service into a shopping cart. 

Your website is about to become your best salesman

quoting jobs in your sleep is possible now with estimate cart!  our software works 24/7 at bringing you more customers to grow your business.


“They’ve definitely created some game changers for the home service industry.” – Chad Currie // CLC Landscaping


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the setup process look like? 🖱️

Once you’re ready to get started, we’ll email you short list of things to get to us so that we can custom tailor your Estimate Cart so that your pricing, services, and terms of service are all set up correctly.

How customizable is it? 🛠️

Our platform is extremely customizable.  You can add multiple services and prices, create special policies like terms of service, create coupon codes, add images and video, change colors, and so much more.  If you want to get even more technical.  You can take it a step further.

You can have conditional logic setup to trigger certain price increases based on people’s answers.  Want to charge more for if they have a small gate?  Need to charge for drive time for certain zip codes?  Or maybe they aren’t in your service area just yet and you want to add them to a waiting list.  It’s all possible with Estimate Cart!

Do you all have any integration partners? 🤝

Our platform currently integrates with Service Autopilot.  We plan to continue adding intregrations with other providers and will update the list here.

When a website visitor fills out their contact information, Estimate Cart will auto-create them as a lead inside of Service Autopilot.  It will also create a client if someone completes an order.

How much does EstimateCart cost? 💵

We strive to provide our members and future users with affordable solutions to help grow their businesses.  That is why we have plans starting out as low as $99/mo.  There are no setup fees or cancellation policies either.  We want more people to experience our platform without the initial investment or without needing to make any long-term commitments.