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We currently have a beta tester plan available through October 31st.

You can opt in for a lifetime subscription price of only $99/mo.

Pricing is going up to $199/mo at launch on November 1st.

To sign up for our beta tester plan, complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Gain early access to Lawn Tracer!

Beta testers get:

✅ Locked in Lifetime Price at $99/mo (retails for $199/mo) 

✅ Waived $299 Setup Fee

✅ Invitation to our exclusive beta tester facebook group chat.

✅ Early access to our LawnTracer plugin when it’s released for testing.

✅ Ability to help pilot our software roadmap for future enhancements and 3rd party integrations.

Sign Up Here to Become an Early Access Beta Tester